Friday, August 6, 2010

Applying for school

This week has been a big week.

Both girl's have plaster casts on their legs after botox last week, lots of extra appointments scheduled as well as kinder and slipping in some fun as well.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the VP at the girl's school for next year and discussed all things funding. It was agreed that we will only apply for funding for J and not for E, which I am content with.

Today I met with the peadiatrician to get him to write a letter stating all things J.

I feel extremely drained.

I know those of you who may read this, will understand as a lot of you are going through this process, it just brings up so much.

I do know that once this is done, we wont have to go through this process again until Grade 6, so once it is done, I can go back to believing and acting on the fact that my daughter is doing okay.

And she is.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Its been over a year


Lets try again shall I?

Now E and J are 5. Where did that time go?

Now I am pregnant with one baby due in November, how did we decide that?

Both girl's in 4 year old kinder an enrolled into school next year, how did that happen?