Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not very consistent

I knew this would happen.

I find it hard to keep consistent with things in all aspects of my life. I have great ideas and then, after a while I get distracted and boom, it's not happening.

Except I spose my girls, I have to be consistent with them.

Jasmine has been sick with a virus for the last week. She really really regressed. Walking was very difficult for her and she lost all her words and went back to screaming and crying for everything. I found it very draining and I did lose my patience with her I must admit.

I kept Ella home from Kinder too, as the teacher suggested that she may start vomitting as well. Which she didn't. It is a tricky one with twins. Ella was as bright as a button and wanted to go 'by herself " which to me was a big thing as she is very protective of Jasmine and rarely wants to be without her.

I felt a bit annoyed because mothers often walk in with their sick babies or toddlers, but they can hide it.

Anyway, I would have been mortified if Ella had of started spewing at kinder, so I guess it's was the right thing to do.

I am, like most SN mummies dreading winter, asthma and hospital admissions for Jasmine hopefully will be few, but you never know and I have paid so much money for kinder, I wont keep Ella home each time.

So, I wrote on facebook that Jasmine started talking again last night and she said " i did a great big enormous turnip " in the toilet. I was flabbergasted as she has not been speaking and then to quote a Play School story really was funny.

Lets hope I can get back on track, and post some photos soon of our new AFO's and our rows and rows of shoes.

Speak soon


  1. Mandy, hope J feels better soon. I agree with you that next time E should go to Kindy so you can all have a break! Glad E did not get sick though. How many times did you watch Andre'???

  2. Glad both girls did not get sick. I found your blog by blog hopping and the title intrigued me. Our little guy had to wear orthotics for a short time and still needs very supportive shoes for his feet with wide toe space and fairly narrow heel. Shoe shopping is a challenge and I'll admit has had me in tears one sad day. Looking forward to getting to "know you".

  3. Hi, Just found your blog today. I'm also in Melbourne, and have daughter with AFO's.
    Just starting the search for shoes (long story) but found these;
    Will be looking into ordering some, maybe you could e-mail me if you're interested.
    Will talk to our Orthotist and see if they have heard of them, knows if they are available here. Otherwise will order some to be posted. They look great.