Monday, May 4, 2009

Last day of butterfly shoes


Thats right, today is our last day with our year old butterfly shoes.

Tomorrow we are getting 'our' new AFO's. The girls chose ( with some help from me I admit ) a new pattern of girls, rabbits, handbags and cats and it is in a pink colour.

When David, the orthotist showed me he said that he had searched the world to find more girls patterns as the butterflies had been the only ones.

So today, is the last day I squeeze their feet into these things and then shove their shoes that are nearly destroyed on.

I am (almost ) excited about all the new shoes/boots we are going to be able to buy this week as we have been waiting for these new AFO's and the casting to be over and done with.

What is it like to just buy shoes for your kids whenever you like I wonder????

I have come a long way, I used to go into shoe shops and have a flat out panic attack cause I couldn't buy what I wanted for them, so I am now equipped, I have found the right shop with the helpful assistant and I am going to give the girls a giant lollypop each that I have saved from a birthday party.

Hopefully we are able to buy 1 size for each with some inserts, instead of buying 4 pairs of shoes and then having different sizes on each foot. That does my head in.

And really, maybe I just might keep the AFO' off today anyway as the girls are complaining that they are hurting. I just have to remove my guilt that not wearing them for one day wont really make that much difference..

Speak soon


  1. Can't wait to see pics of the new AFO's Mandy!!!

    You're right, you have come such a long way! Very proud of you!

  2. Love the sound of the new design! Looking forward to seeing them.

    I hope you can find some lovely new shoes for your girls. It's great you've found a shop with helpful staff. Saves you having to explain everything over and over again - THAT'S why drives me crazy.