Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd day of blogging

What do you write on your second day of blogging?

Well, this morning a dear friend of mine alerted me to the fact that E and J's favourite celebrity is coming to Eastland for a performance.

I bet you are thinking, the Wiggles, or Hi Five aren't you?

It's the one and only Andre Rieu!!

After a friend told me about her little 3 year old watching Andre with her Nanna, I decided to have a change of DVD scenery and purchased the Andre Christmas DVD. Well, that was a hit.

We have watched it so many times I have lost count and the girls sing along to the angel as well as a group of Japanese children. It is extremely cute. If I could work out how to download a video I would.

E's speech has never been a concern, and she can sing in lovely pitch. J's speech is a work in progress, her muscles in her mouth are affected by her CP, and she is trying really hard to learn new words.

To hear her singing along to Andre has been nothing less than an absolute delight. To go from wondering if she will ever talk, to hear her singing, in her own way is a joy.

I think when you have experienced the lowest lows wondering about your childs development, can you only truly appreciate the high highs. The insignificant things other parents take for granted, I never do.

So May 9th Eastland 1pm, Andre watch out, your biggest, but perhaps littlest in size fans will be eagerly awaiting your performance.

See you soon

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  1. Mandy, I hope the girls have such a good time meeting Andre! that is just so exciting for them! and I adore the sound of their little voices singing Japanese it is divine!