Thursday, April 30, 2009


Good morning

I love Fridays and I especially love this one cause tomorrow I am off for an overnight stay with a friend at her family holiday house.

It is a great feeling knowing that I have something to look forward to and even though I love my girls, it is nice to have a little break to refresh.

Today we have J's appointment with the OT, or as we call it, " J is going to see Jenny to do your work with 2 hands "

E is fantastic now at these appointments, we get out some special toys and sit in our own therapy room and play together, I think she loves having mummy all to herself. We can also hear J's talking and being busy in with her therapist.

Apparantly there is a working bee at kinder this afternoon at 4pm! I had no idea until a friend mentioned it, so I will go along and do some more cleaning, what a joy, but I need to get my money back as I had to pay x2 working bee levy's as well as fundraising. Wouldn't you just have x1 for each family?

DH is restless and keeps looking at houses and wants a "tree change". He loves the bush and so do I, but also love being near my family and my new and old friends. He is talking about if his job is secure then now is a good time to buy a house as interest rates are so low.

One of the reasons that we are probably both restless is that the school we live opposite has A LOT of stairs. I have never seen a school with so many stairs. We bought the house expecting that our twins would be going to the school and I would love being involved in the school and community. I spose part of the ongoing grief that things didn't turn out as we expected.

So a tree change, with a flat school and some new friends might just be around the corner, but then again it might not too.

Speak soon

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  1. Schools with stairs really make me sad these days.

    A tree change sounds lovely. I'd love to do the same but I know my DH couldn't bear to be away from the city. Sigh!